Functional Analysis and Applications Seminar


(organized by the Functional Analysis and Applications Group)


Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro




Next talks of the seminar (11:00, Room Sousa Pinto):


18/04/2013: " On the mathematical analysis of viscous and incompressible fluids "

Hermenegildo Oliveira (FCT, University of Algarve and CMAF, University of Lisbon)


Abstract: In this talk, we shall consider the initial-boundary value problem for modelling isothermal ows of incompressible uids with shear stress depending viscosity.

Firstly, we shall give an historical perspective of the evolution of this model of Fluid Mechanics through the last centuries, starting with a simple, but outstanding, observation by I. Newton and ending up in the consideration of smart fluids. For all the considered problems, we will discuss the existence and uniqueness of weak solutions. In this particular, we will highlight the cases that still remain open in spite of all the research that have been done in this field of Mathematics. In a different topic, we will also discuss about the important issue of the extinction in a finite time of the corresponding solutions.



02/05/2013: " Behaviour of optimal shapes for spectral optimisation problems "

Pedro Freitas (Department of Mathematics, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, UTL)


Abstract: We consider the behaviour of optimal shapes for the kth eigenvalue of the Laplace operator under different boundary conditions and measure restrictions. Our studies combine a rigorous analytic approach with numerical simulations, allowing us to cover the whole range from low to high frequencies.

This is based on joint work with P.R.S. Antunes, D. Bucur and J. Kennedy.



16/05/2013: " t.b.a. "

Susana Moura (CMUC, University of Coimbra)
















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